Word of Mouth Feb 17, 2011 Rear View Mirror

Word of Mouth – February 17, 2011

Road Trip Month, Week 4

We’ve arrived at Road Trip Month Week 4, so it’s time to take a look in the rear view mirror to see where we’ve been on our trip through branding, social media and marketing.
A Look In The Rear View Mirror
By looking backwards, we mean measuring and evaluating the results of your efforts. Have you seen an uptick in your blog traffic? An increase in comments on your social networking sites? Did you conduct a client survey to get feedback on your promotions, products or services? Do you even know where to begin this kind of metric analysis?

The Gadgets on the Dashboard

Jay Baer of Convince & Convert recently had an excellent article on the six social media successmetrics you should be tracking and the ways to measure them. There’s a new tool that just debuted, too, called Export.ly. This new service makes it easy to get useful Twitter, Facebook, and social media data in one spreadsheet. With all of these ways to analyze your efforts, you’ll be able to see what’s successful and adapt your branding and social media marketing accordingly.

Asking for Directions

Another way to measure your success in marketing is to ask your customers how they like the road you’re driving down. Yep, it’s that easy. If you use a web-based software program to manage your email marketing and newsletters, you likely have a built in survey tool to query your customers. If you don’t use one of these programs, Survey Monkey is a great  way to get the feedback you need. Remember, everyone likes being asked for an opinion – so ask!

A Clean Windshield
We use many of these tools and more at Hamptons Creative Group to analyze how the world views our clients’ branding and marketing messages. Taking a look in the rear view mirror is critical to adjusting the course ahead. How do you know where you’re going when you don’t know where you’ve been?
We hope you’ve enjoyed the road trip with us this month.


Hamptons Creative Group

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