Stop Stressing the Social Media ‘Small Stuff’

While the phrase ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ is an all around a great life motto, it turns out the expression is also highly applicable in the world of social media.

How many times have you stressed about the length of a blog post? Wondered if you should answer every comment on your website? Worried about the number of key words in an article? While it’s easy to stress about these social media aspects, Stanford Smith of wants you to know something: in the grand scheme of things, those aspects are irrelevant.

“Take a step back and you can see the hazy influence of the “get rich quick” mentality,” says Smith. “These questions, while interesting, are ultimately meaningless unless you’ve tackled the “big stuff.”

So what is the ‘big stuff’ of social media? What should we be concentrating on? Here is what Stanford Smith says:

“The ‘big stuff’ are foundational questions that are difficult to answer in a five-minute conversation These questions always focus on values, culture, objectives, and accountability.”

Here are the five ‘big stuff’ questions every business should be asking: 

  1. How can our customers benefit from a two-way dialogue with our business?
  2. What can we share that is relevant, interesting, and valuable?
  3. Do we have the right process for mining content from our organization?
  4. Are these processes in place in your organization?
  5. What does success look like?
Unlike, the ‘small stuff’ questions, these questions always emphasize success. They will protect your organization from wasted time, while helping your customers meet their needs.
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