How Facebook Timeline Affects Your Business

Facebook introduced Timeline for all business profiles in March of this year and it turns out the switch has positively impacted the majority of company profiles.

A study done by Sotrender researched 130 UK company profiles and almost five thousand posts, checking to see if the number of posts per day, percent of engaged users, and average number of likes have changed.

While aspects such as page posts per day, content type distribution, and average response had no significant change, two important deviations were found.

How Timeline influences your business page

Posts Live Longer: With the launching of Timeline, the average post lifetime is much longer. Pre-Timeline, users made half of their comments in less than an hour. Now, that time has increased to two hours and 30 minutes. It’s also important to note that eighty percent of all comments are now made within eight hours and 30 minutes, which is two hours longer than before.

Increased Engagement: Timeline has also boosted post engagement by 13 percent. Posts that had triggered the activity of 158 fans on average is now engaging 179 fans.

While many companies are still complaining about the new Timeline [See Three Things Brands Hate About Facebook Timeline], studies like this show it is time to get used to the new look and take full advantage of the increased user engagement.

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