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Four New Facebook Features You Need to Know

It seems like every few weeks Facebook is changing up their features. While usually the changes are obvious to spot (the new timeline), often Facebook users can go months without realizing new features. Here are four new Facebook changes your company needs to know in order to keep up with the social media world. Editable [...]

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How Important are Facebook Likes?

Stressing about how many Facebook likes your business page has? Turns out it’s not as important as you might have previously thought. While many businesses buy their likes through special online offers (200 likes for only $12.99!), it’s best to stay away from the practice. Although it may be tempting, many of the so-called fans [...]

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Is Instagram Worth More than The New York Times?

Is it possible that a two-year-old picture sharing service could be worth more than our countries most celebrated and historic newspaper? As absurd as it sounds, yes, it is very possible. On April 9, Facebook purchased Instagram for $1 billion—a staggering amount for a newly formed company with only a dozen employees. On that same [...]

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Small Business’ Must Dive Head First Into Social Media

With the long list of day-to-day duties small business marketers have to accomplish, it’s no surprise that social media is often kicked to the curb. But even with limited time and recourses, it is crucial for small businesses to dive head first into the world of social media. Here are some tips with help from [...]

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Facebook’s IPO Frenzy

With less than 24 hours to go before Facebook’s Nasdaq trading, the internet and business world alike are in a tizzy over the largest-ever internet IPO. “Facebook is about to become a grown-up…that’s why there’s so much excitement — and so much risk,” said economist, Max Wolff. So will Facebook’s ‘coming of age’ live up [...]

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How Facebook Timeline Affects Your Business

Facebook introduced Timeline for all business profiles in March of this year and it turns out the switch has positively impacted the majority of company profiles. A study done by Sotrender researched 130 UK company profiles and almost five thousand posts, checking to see if the number of posts per day, percent of engaged users, [...]

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Patch Asks for Facebook Cover Suggestions – How Cool

Yesterday, the editors of the East End Patches gathered in Bridgehampton to, well, basically meet anyone who stopped in. As contributing bloggers on Patch, we stopped in to say hello and shake hands. Isn’t that part of relationship building? Well, one thing that caught our interest is how the North Fork Patch is asking its [...]

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Is Pinterest Bad for You?

Pinterest has continued to explode in popularity for individuals and marketers alike. The idea of simply clicking “Pin it” just makes intuitive sense to the majority of users. Pinterest’s simple following, liking, and sharing features make it an excellent social medium. But is it bad for you? || Find out more about Pinterest here. || Pinterest has [...]

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Three Things that Changed Other Than the Time

Were you late to work? When the clock skips an hour forward, like it did this weekend, it can start a whole chain of unintended reactions if you’re not prepared. That’s why automation is so great. We advocate automating certain aspects of your marketing. However, when something changes, automation can be downer. Let’s look at [...]

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Three Things Brands Hate About Facebook Timeline

We spoke last week about Facebook Brand Pages converting to Timeline. We are in the process of preparing our new Facebook Brand Page and the Pages of our clients. There are several things to consider, including the new cover image, an expanded description area, and customizable tab icons. While we were sitting and considering these [...]

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